Subject RE: [IBO] XE4 Windows7 64bit core wont install
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For any interested, this was a case where the Starter edition of Delphi XE4
was purchased. It also does not allow for command-line compiling just like
the Trial edition. I am therefore going to have to make an installer for a
full working version of IBO that is like the evaluation version that has all
of the binaries pre-compiled.

So, for anyone using this stripped down edition of Delphi, please be aware
that I don't currently have an ideal installation routine yet. I simply used
the full source and had to build everything manually and install it
manually, which was simply the old way of doing things anyway.


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Subject: [IBO] XE4 Windows7 64bit core wont install

I have tried the demo with my XE4 and it worked fine. Decided to buy the
core component. Removed the demo and ran core install but nothhing happend.
Runnning Windows7 64 and XE4 32 bit.


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