Subject Re: [IBO] Runtime Error, Blank Database Name
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:20 p.m. 12/08/2013, John W. (Jack) Cane wrote:
>Jason, where is the Database property set? I only found Database Name properties.

1. Database property of TIB_Connection should be the database path or (Firebird only) the database alias (as defined in aliases.conf)

2. DatabaseName property of TIB_Connection should be a "friendly" name, your choice, something short and sweet. Think of it as a nickname. Just don't make this a source of confusion by trying to type in the database path or Firebird alias into this property.

3. Remember to set the Server and Protocol properties of your IB_Connection correctly.


On the other components, set the DatabaseName property by dropping down and selecting the value that you set in IB_Connection's *** Database *** property. Don't try to set these by typing stuff in.

Note, from the outset, it is strongly recommended to set the IB_Connection.Params property to nil, to avoid the garbage that could be left behind there from previous failures.