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Thanks for the additional information. Please send me a very simple sample
app if you would please.


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Subject: [IBO] Re: Ibo5_2_0_b7 - Issue Operation Aborted

Yes, I have this too after upgrading to build 7 of 5.2.0.

I believe a new call to the OnDeleteError, OnPostError, OnUpdateError and
OnEditError are now called also for an raised Abort exception.

I'm using TIBOQuery with these events. But i also use OnError which takes
care of most interesting errors.

Previously the four firstmentioned events did not get called after OnError
was called in these cases.

Jason, it would be great if you could have a look at this.



--- In, Felipe Aron <felipearon@...> wrote:
> After update for Ibo5_2_0_b7 (with Firebird 2.5 & XE2)
> In some tables, when I insert a new record an exception occurs:
> *"Operation aborted"*
> Why does this happen? Anyone else with this problem?
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