Subject Re: [IBO] IBO, Firebird and StoredProcedure as run and forget
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:02 p.m. 22/04/2013, russellbelding wrote:

>Not having used threads before and reading that "things" need to be "thread-safe" I am looking for comments. (why re-invent a wheel?)
>Will my new thread need its own TIB_CONNECTION and TIB_TRANSACTION?
>Are these IBO objects "thread-safe"?

The thread must be in its own separate TIB_Session. Emphasis on MUST.

>Are there samples anywhere?

The Threads project in Samples should light the way.

>Overall I am seeking to make put some Firebird server processing into a the backgound and give a main program an apparent boost in speed as results from stored procedures running in separate threads are not needed by other parts of the program. Only if there is a failure in the SP do I need to intervene.

You can catch exceptions in the SP and use a handler to go past them and log them. That's not in IBO's bailiwick, though.