Subject Re: [IBO] fbclient.dll path when developing embedded client
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:01 a.m. 21/03/2013, Jacob Havkrog wrote:
>I'm working right now on an embedded client application, and I place fbclient.dll and all the other dlls and files in the same directory as my exe file, and that works fine.

For embedded, your fbclient.dll MUST be fbembed.dll renamed to fbclient.dll. If your setup there is "working" with the client-only client then it's because it is connecting to a full server.

>But in my Delphi XE IDE, I get the error "Unable to load client library: fbclient.dll or fbembed.dll or gds32.dll or ibtogo.dll could not be found"

That is entirely as expected. Fbembed is a *deployment* option. You need the full server for development as Delphi and your application are in different application spaces.

>I have removed the gds32.dll from my system directory. But is that where it needs to be?

None of the above. Don't try to use fbembed.dll for development. The same embedded server can't be in two application spaces simultaneously trying to connect to the same database.

>And when working with the embedded, do I need to rename fbembed.dll to fbclient.dll?

Yes. You can even use the renamed fbembed.dll in the development environment, as a client-only client. (It is much fatter, of course!) It has the same API in there, along with the embedded server - but it will connect to the full server, not the one that is embedded in the dll.