Subject Re: [IBO] 2 TIBOTables opened towards the same table?
Author Marcin Bury
W dniu 16.03.2013 18:12, Jacob Havkrog pisze:
> Hi
> I need 2 views on the same table in the same transaction.
> Basically I'm trying to recreate something that works with TTable and Paradox, where you can have two TTable instances open towards the same table, and when a row is posted with one table, it is possible to scroll the other table to this row and read back the same data.
> I can't figure out how to do this with IBO. I have a TIBODatabase, a TIBOTransaction and 2 TIOBTable components.
> Inserting a row with Table1, and then doing a Table2.Last doesn't give me the same row data back.
> Is this possible?
> Thanks
> Jacob

You should refresh Table2 (Table2.Refresh) after committing or set
CommitAction property to caRefresh to get Table2 refreshed after
IBOTransactions gets committed.

On the other hand I strongly recommend to use IBOQuery instead of IBOTable.