Subject Re: [IBO] String parsing issue with TableName setting
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:04 p.m. 27/11/2013, Robert Martin wrote:
>Hi Jason
>If you have a IBOTable component (not active) and set it's .TableName
>property to '' (empty string) this is parsed to "" (A double quoted
>empty string). I guess this is code designed to make sure reserved
>words are quoted that this failing. I broke my code nicely as I am
>using an empty TableName to indicate a table needs to be assigned in code.
>Test code...
> IBOTable1.TableName := '';
> ShowMessage(IBOTable1.TableName); //Displays ""

Correctly! an "empty string" is still a string. As it's parsed as an illegal string for the name of a table, IBO obligingly double-quotes it for you, to try to make it legal.

AFAIK, the value you really want is Nil. No quotes - Nil in Pascal is kinda like a null in SQL.