Subject RES: [IBO] IBO Yahoo Groups Messages Question
Author Luiz



De: [] Em nome de Lester Caine
Enviada em: domingo, 6 de outubro de 2013 13:30
Assunto: Re: [IBO] IBO Yahoo Groups Messages Question



Lester Caine wrote:

> IBO Support List wrote:
>> >No, this is not normal behaviour. You should receive a copy of your own
>> >posts too.
> Just testing that theory out;)
> I THINK that this is one of the changes with the latest 'improvements' to
> yahoogroups.
> Group settings are 'all Memebers' replies, but there is a NEW addition, 'all
> members and sender' which I suspect needs to be selected on all groups to
> restore normal operation!
> If I don't get a reply I knock it over ...

Well I got a reply myself, so no idea what 'all members and sender' setting is
for :(

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