Subject [IBO] Re: After posting the previous record is located
Author patrick_marten

a while ago I've sent you a sample project, but didn't hear back from you.

Now the problem appeared at another palce in my application and it's much more critical:

I'm doing an append, setting some field values, post the query and edit it straight afterwards. If KeyLinksAutoDefine is set to true, the record ID changes from let's say 51 to 52... If I set KeyLinksAutoDefine to false and type in ID as my keyfield, everything works fine... Most - if not all - of my queries are set up like that... With this error I don't feel well to release my application... It has worked before all the time - don't know since when it has changed...

Did you find out anything with the help of my sample project?

--- In, "patrick_marten" wrote:
> Hi Jason,
> > Try being the person who has not seen the problem at all and has just a
> > brief description of it and to build a sample application.
> yes, I understand that too :)
> I've created a sample project over the weekend. It could have been difficult for you to reproduce the behaviour indeed. During the process I was dropping tables, constraints etc. from the database in question to minimize it and this behaviour was changing from time to time, i.e. sometimes the record in question was located correctly, sometimes not, so it seems to be a certain constellation... In the sample project it is reproduceable.
> I wanted to post it on Mantis, but didn't receive the confirmation email yet, so can't log in. Shall I send it to you directly via email? Which one, if yes?
> > In my IBO 5 development work I am in the process of introducing a testing
> > framework that should make it very easy to put together very simple sample
> > apps to duplicate issues. And, even if you send me a sample app, the first
> > thing I do is port it over to my regression testing framework so that the
> > bug you report will be permanently safeguarded against regression. My hope
> > is to make it easy for people to put them there right from the get go.
> >
> > If you would like to look into this I'd be happy to work with you privately
> > on this.
> This sounds interesting, thought I can't really imagine what it is about. Also at the moment I don't have much time to look into this, I fear, but at some point later we sure could do that.
> Thanks for your effort!
> Patrick