Subject Re: [IBO] I Can't edit data in TIB_Edit Objects with IBO 5.0.2 + Delphi XE !!!
Author jls_091
Hello Hellen,
Thanks for help me!
I set KeyLinksAutoDefine False and also set field KeyLink (PK) of the DataSet, I checked the DataSource and the DataField properties of the TIB_Edit and are ok and I still can not view or edit data in the component TIB_Edit.
I made many tests and nothing.
Why work in Delphi 7 (IBO 4.6B) and Delphi XE (IBO 5.0.2 50) does not work?

It could be a bug in this latest version of the IBO? Someone is already using this version in production?

If you have any more idea of ​​what may be occurring that can help me I appreciate it.

Thank you
J. Luis

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 01:39 PM 29/07/2012, jls_091 wrote:
> >Hello, this is my first post in the group and I'm starting my work with IBO 5.0.2 50 and Delphi XE.
> >I'm working on migrating an old project developed in Delphi 7 with IBO 4.6B and am having trouble with objects TIB_Edit. I can not view or edit data in this type of object and the object does not display the caption specified for it. The database is also being migrated from Firebird 1.5.x to 2.1.x.
> >I'm using: TIB_Connection> TIB_Transaction> TIB_Query> TIB_DataSource> TIB_Edit, the property RequestLive of TIB_Query is set to "True", the method TIB_Query.Insert runs without errors but the object dataware TIB_Edit does not allow editing. I already checked many times the properties of the objects involved and found nothing wrong that could justify the problem.
> >Please the success of this migration depends on the solution of this problem. I thank anyone who can help.
> The dataset not becoming editable but permitting inserts sounds like a problem with your KeyLinks. Make KeyLinksAutoDefine false and enter the actual column name[s] of the unique key of the dataset. Of course you need to make sure that the dataset actually contains all the fields that make a row unique.
> For the problems with the TIB_Edit control, you don't mention the DataField it actually set? And do you have its DisplayLabel property set in the dataset field properties?
> Helen