Subject RE: [IBO] Performace IBO 4_9_14_Eval X IBO 4_9_14_b44
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Nothing comes to mind. What would be nice is if you took the time to help me
work through this issue to try and understand why. Can you look at a
comparison of the SQL trace for each one? This way we can see if IBO is
doing something differently now in how the SQL is processed.


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Subject: [IBO] Performace IBO 4_9_14_Eval X IBO 4_9_14_b44

I used Version IBO 4_9_14_Eval in my application, I bought the IBO and
installed the version IBO 4_9_14_b44.
After the instalation IBO 4_9_14_b44 my system performace low 70 %.

Is there any difference between these two versions ( IBO 4_9_14_Eval, IBO
4_9_14_b44) that can decrease the performace?