Subject Re: [IBO] Insert error
Author Michel LE CLEZIO
Do you take a look of the charset you use for this database...
If you place a char in the sql that is not supported by the charset, you could have such message...
May be replacing % in the sql this could solve your problem.
Bye bye..

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Envoyé le : Jeudi 28 juin 2012 9h34
Objet : Re: [IBO] Insert error


Do you have compare size of field and length of string you try to insert ?
If field's size is smaller than string, that could be the reason...
(All the field must be char or varchar...with a length)
NB why you place ^ at the end ?

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Envoyé le : Jeudi 28 juin 2012 2h23
Objet : [IBO] Insert error


The following insert command is an example of what I would like to use to enter dummy data into my database for testing:

INSERT INTO residents (First, Last, Bldg, Unit, cbRelease, Email, lbOwnRent)

When I run it, IB_SQL returns the following:

ISC ERROR CODE:335544321

arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation
string right truncation

IB_Script.<no name>(TIB_DSQL)

I induced a field name error in the last column and generated an appropriate error. Hence I know that the truncation error applies to the VALUES(...) part of the query.

Any ideas appreciated.

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