Subject RE: [IBO] XE2 Source Pane Error
Author Dayna
It sounds to me like you haven't added all the IBO folders to your library


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Subject: Re: [IBO] XE2 Source Pane Error

Pretty new at this. Not sure what else I can add that will help, except
maybe this: I have also added The same Structure pane has three additional
entries under "Errors": "Cannot resolve unit name...", with each of the
following in separate line items: IB_Components, IB_Access, IBODataset,
corresponding to used units of the same names.

My colleague helped me with manual build-all of all the packages, after
finding the output folder, etc. Wondering if search paths are current. Will
try to check that out, pending further response from this list.

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> This is the first I have ever heard of this error.
> More information please.
> Jason
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> Subject: [IBO] XE2 Source Pane Error
> Added a tIboDatabase to my tDataModule. That generates error "Undeclared
> identifier" in the Structure pane of XE2 unit view.
> Still new to the XE2 environment. Not yet ready for first compile.
> Is this important? How to fix?

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