Subject RE: [IBO] Converting server to IBObjects
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Were you able to figure this out?
I get this every now and then when in design-time.


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Subject: [IBO] Converting server to IBObjects

Hi All,

My first post here. Oh boy!

Anyhow, I am converting a middleware server to IBObjects.

All has gone well up to now. It compiles starts, and my client can connect.
A few operations occur on the server after login but then it sends this
error back to the client:

"Project RedboneServer.exe raised exception class EClassNotFound with
message 'Class TIBOLargeIntField not found'. Process stopped. Use Step or
Run to continue."

Here is the set up:

Delphi 7
ASTA middleware
Firebird 2.5
IBOQuery hooked up to an ASTA Provider

A clue for you. I get this error when I compile a sample server built with

ftLargeInt: TIBOQuery(Query).ParamByName(Name).AsInt64 :=

This code is in my server too. I changed it to this:

ftLargeInt: TIBOQuery(Query).ParamByName(Name).Value :=

And I changed it to this:

ftLargeInt: TIBOQuery(Query).ParamByName(Name).AsString :=

Both compile and start but I get the "Class TIBOLargeIntField not found"

Any ideas?