Subject Re: ***SPAM*** Re: [IBO] IBO4_9_14_Eval - C++ Builder 6 - missing files
Author Lester Caine
Jack Mills wrote:
> Hi Lester
> I found an earlier IBO eval version 4.8.7 which installs without error& adds all of the components correctly, the problem is now when I try& open the my project I get "Fatal linker error unable to open file IBO40fts_C6.lib".
> I couldn't find any lib files under this versions file structure, SO I copied all the lib files from an older version of IBO& entered the path into the directories/conditionals& now project compiles/runs& all components are present. This is not was obviously intended, did I miss something in the installation process?

Actually it sounds par for the course when working with C6. It complains about
things in the .bpl file even if we are not actually using it. If you are not
using the text search package, then it can probably be disabled, but any old
projects will have it listed again. This is the exact point I'm at with my 10
year old projects no longer loading because the IDE setup in C6 is no longer
compatible :( I've been manually editing the files simply to get them to load...

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