Subject Re: ***SPAM*** Re: [IBO] IBO4_9_14_Eval - C++ Builder 6 - missing files
Author Lester Caine
Jack Mills wrote:
> I un-installed ibo40adt_c6 as you suggested but the others wont install, I get message "unable to find package import IBO40ART_C6.bpi"
> Unfortunately I'm not skilled enough to do much more than follow suggestions.

How did you un-install?
That file should still exist and should not have been affected by removing
ibo40adt_c6 from the IDE. The runtime library should not affect the designtime

Unfortunately Builder does need a certain level of competence most of the time
in order to get things done :( It's not the friendliest of IDE's some of the time.

All you should have done to remove ibo40adt_c6 was to go to the list of
installed packages and 'deselect' it. That should have left the .bpi packages in
place. I've ended up with having to switch registry sections that Builder6 uses
to maintain a couple of versions of packages which the install process complete
destroys, so I don't normally follow the 'normal' install process at all - which
is why it's a little difficult to make direct suggestions :(

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