Subject Re: ***SPAM*** Re: [IBO] IBO4_9_14_Eval - C++ Builder 6 - missing files
Author Lester Caine
Jack Mills wrote:
> I did a new install of IBO& now get only 2 messages.
> cant load IBO4FDT_C6.bpl
> cannot load package ibo40frt_c6 also contained in ibo40adt_c6
> and
> ibo40wxdt_c6.bpl
> cannot load package ibo40xrt_c6 also contained in ibo40adt_c6

That is interesting ... If you un-install ibo40adt_c6 then the other two should
install, and I suspect the niggle is that the ibo40adt_c6 build has linked
something statically that should be picked up from another library.

I've been building web based systems for 10 years now, so don't get back to the
Builder6 code as much as I used to. However I'm now hitting problems with the
essential legacy code which is IBO based which interfaces between the web system
and the hardware. I do need to get back in and actually get a working setup be
it BCB6 or the newer XE framework which I bought. Neither are working for me at
the moment ... and that is not an IBO problem :(

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