Subject Re: [IBO] IBO4_9_14_Eval - C++ Builder 6 - missing files
Author Lester Caine
Jack Mills wrote:
> I am trying to test the 4.9 eval version but get 11 errors during the install to C++ builder 6.
> I first removed all existing IBO packages (ver 4.3) from c++ Builder then ran the exe& selected install to C:\IBO4_9_14_b48 folder
> I chose to install to C++ builder 6 from select additional tasks.
> The 11 messages
> There was a problem installing IBO40FTS_c6 package, missing file
> IBO40RPL_c6, IBO40CDT_c6, IBO40ADT_c6, IBO40TDT_c6,IBO40VDT_c6 , IBO40FDT_c6, IBO40XDT_c6, IBO40WDT_c6, IBO40WXDT_c6, IBO40EDT_c6.
> All the files are present in the C:\IBO4_9_14_b48 folder.
> The messages are shown during the phase "Installing packages into selected IDE's"
> I tried a new download of the 4.9 evaluation in case there was a problem with the downloaded file, but get the same errors.
> I tried adding the path to directories/conditionals in project options, didn't help.
> What am I missing?

I'm not sure we got C6 totally clean ... Can you check the project file to make
sure it's looking for the files in the right place. I always used to have
problems with my own file set-up not matching that in the download, so had to
adjust the projects to pick up the right folders.

I've been trying to get the XE-C setup working myself, but have yet to get the
projects to port cleanly from the C6 originals. I may have to ditch XE and
switch back to C6 myself :(

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