Subject [IBO] Re: PK field that auto filled with wrong generator value
Author russellbelding
Hello Cipto

The point of my comment is not to confirm your supposed error but to point you to the source of your error. I see the error you mention. Please ask yourself "What have I learned when I manually insert the PK for the inserted record?" Tracking this back into you code is an exercise for you. I am still guessing what the current problem is.

Perhaps we should goto a discussion by private email so as not to distract IBO users here? I am on russell at belding dot co dot nz.

To do more I need to convert your DB from its FB 2.1.X to FB 2.5.1. If you want to continue please use gbak on the DB and send me the result. If you need help with gbak tell me in an email.
Kind regards,

--- In, "Cipto" <cipto.milis@...> wrote:
> [BUGS1]
> With dsPersonM.dataset=qrPersonM
> You don't need to enter the value, just look the grid when you start to
> insert, look the value that automatically filled on the new record.
> and then compare it with dsPersonM.dataset=qrPersonMb
> Just look what happen on the new record while the grid indicator is still in
> "*" (insert mode)
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> Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 4:29 PM
> Subject: [IBO] Re: PK field that auto filled with wrong generator value
> On [BUGS1]
> With dsPersonM.dataset=qrPersonM
> I can enter record 99, 2, 12/05/2012 (no error)
> I can enter record 2, 2, 10/05/2012 (no error)
> With dsPersonM.dataset=qrPersonMb
> I can enter record 234,3, 09/05/2102.
> So I have not been able to see bug1.
> I have not read you code in detail.
> HTH.
> Russell