Subject [IBO] Re: PK field that auto filled with wrong generator value
Author russellbelding
Hello Cipto

I am running your code and DB in D6 not D7. I am using FB 2.5.1,
running WinXP under VMWare Worktation on a Win 8 machine.

On [BUGS2] I press [Open Query] only and see 3 records.
Press [Open Query] againand see 4 record.
Press [Close Query] then [Open Query] and see 4 records.
So I have duplicated Bug2.
I'll look at this tomorrow. Its late in Auckland.

On [BUGS1]
With dsPersonM.dataset=qrPersonM
I can enter record 99, 2, 12/05/2012 (no error)
I can enter record 2, 2, 10/05/2012 (no error)

With dsPersonM.dataset=qrPersonMb
I can enter record 234,3, 09/05/2102.

So I have not been able to see bug1.
I have not read you code in detail.


--- In, "Cipto" <cipto.milis@...> wrote:
> For those who try to solve my problem I say thank you. And here I want to
> tell you that I already create a separate subject for the same bugs. Because
> I think the subject of this thread is not valid again as I future
> investigate that the wrong value is come from foreign key value and not from
> generator value.
> Please to discuss this bugs on the new thread subject that I created. I also
> uploaded an example source code to reproduce that bugs, so you will be more
> understand what I mean.
> Thank's
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