Subject AW: AW: [IBO] Re: Storing PDF into Firebird Blobs
Author Herbert Senner
Of course you're right, Jason.

It's straight forward to use these built-in IBO procedures when writing to
and reading from files.

In former times when I wrote my functions I was not aware of
them and had knowledge only about the TIB_BlobStream.CreateForColumn
and I had to help myself with this loop way.

So, Terry, the code for reading the pdf would be:

DM.qryScan.FieldByName('PDFIMAGE').LoadFromFile(myPath + '\myPdf.pdf')

and for writing to a file:

DM.qryScan.FieldByName('PDFIMAGE').SaveToFile(myPath + '\myPdf.pdf')


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Gesendet: Montag, 21. Mai 2012 17:17
Betreff: RE: AW: [IBO] Re: Storing PDF into Firebird Blobs

What's the problem with TIB_Column.LoadFromFile() and

Seems to me you are way over-complicating things.


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