Subject RE: [IBO] BeginBusy / EndBusy disables CheckOAT
Author IBO Support List
Calling BeginBusy/EndBusy should not affect the OAT processing.

The transaction you have it associated with is what is stopping OAT


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Subject: [IBO] BeginBusy / EndBusy disables CheckOAT

I recently tried to add some code to my application to suppress the
flickering SQL cursor. I added a TIB_Transaction.BeforeStart handler that
called BeginBusy(False) on the transaction. I also added a
TIB_Transaction.AfterEnd handler that called EndBusy.

Doing that has caused the automatic OAT processing to be suppressed as well.

How can I get rid of the flickering cursor without messing up the automatic
OAT processing?