Subject Re: PK field that auto filled with wrong generator value
Author russellbelding
When you use event OnBeforePost the action is taken before the TIBO_NN object has data changes posted. Each time you change the table used and save the changes a post is done. So the field D.ID is changed each time the table changes.

If D.ID is the primary key for your table and you want a unique key in this field each time you insert a record you could use a "before insert" trigger on the table.

if (new.ID is null) then
new.ID = gen_id(generatorname, 1);

> > I also have a generator called "genTbBeliD".
> >
> > Now the problem is:
> > Everytime I insert a new record on "tbBeliD" (just still in insert condition, before post) why the field d."id" is automatically filled with an integer value that I don't know where it come from??
> >
> > I'm not set any propoerty of TIBO_Query or TIBO_Database to automatically fill the "id" field from any generator, because I explicitly fill d."id" value onBeforePost of TIBO_Query with this statement:
> > if qrTbBeliDid.IsNull then
> > qrTbBeliDid.AsLargeInt:=conIBO.Gen_ID('"genTbBeliD"', 1);
> >
> > Any clue??
> >
> > TIA
> >
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