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Have the TTimer event simply check a timestamp of the last time the refresh
was performed and if it has been a sufficient duration then call Refresh.
You can reset the timestamp each time a reset is performed so that if the
timer triggers it or a user manually does it then it will reset the timer.

Of course your timer interval should be something like 100 ticks or whatever
margin of precision you need to see if the time boundary has been crossed.

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Subject: [IBO] Time based refresh

What is the best way to refresh a TIB_Query in a grid on a regular time
interval. Some of the columns output from the SQL are elapsed time
calculated and without a regular refresh the elapsed time calculation
becomes incorrect. The grid is set up so users can re-sort the rows and
also can be refreshed from a Firebird event alert. I currently am using a
TTimer to do the time based refresh but it appears it can get stepped on if
a re-sort is requested (clicking on the column titles) and causing errors.
The dataset is never over 200 rows and is generally under 100 rows.


Jerry Sands