Subject RE: [IBO] MON$SQL_TEXT Blob column in MON$STATEMENTS table
Author Jerry Sands
>Your own data should never appear as temporary blob fields ...
>should it? (Or have I missed something somewhere?) The
>MON$STATEMENT.MON$SQL_TEXT field is for the statement text,
>not for the field content (or so I assume from what I've
>read, I've not used it myself yet). In which case it should
>usually be very small, and always of some quite limited size
>(compiles to less than 64kb would be my guess at the limit).

>Such limited fields should be okay to automatically load,
>making the usual requirements fairly simple to deal with, with
>no special/extra action on the developers part. It is only
>if there are other temporary blobs that might get big (I've
>not studied this API in detail to see what else there may be)
>that auto-load could become an issue, and so only in such odd
>situations require special action on the part of the app.

>Geoff Worboys
>Telesis Computing Pty Ltd

Yes, they could be automatically loaded but sometimes I am connected to the
database with a slow link so that adds yet another reason you might not just
automatically load the SQL blob field. I agree an option to automatically
load in the right situation might be a nice feature.

Jerry Sands

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