Subject Re: [IBO] How to restore and save the original DB file?
Author Chuck Belanger
Hi, Helen:

Thanks for the response.

No, this is all done locally with superserver. It is essentially a
desktop program, which recently we added the ability to upload some data
to an internet location, thus requiring that we go from embedded to
fbclient with server.

All systems use the same setup. That particular user happens to be the
"tech support" guy for this program.

My work around was to simply copy the current DB as a file backup, then
restore to replace the current DB. I was worried the copy would be slow,
but for the typical 100 - 1000 mb file it goes pretty quickly. The copy
was allowed, but the deleting and renaming was not, at least on that one

> At 08:39 PM 6/04/2012, Chuck Belanger wrote:
>> Hello:
>> I am using IBOAdmin components with IBO 4.8.7 in Delphi 2007 with FB 2.5
>> server all on a local drive, single user system. What I am trying to do
>> is make a restore by renaming the database then restoring to the
>> original file name, so not as to overwrite the database.
>> The problem is that in order to rename the DB file, I found that I have
>> to disconnect then stop the service, rename, then restart the service
>> then do the restore. I test to see if the DB file is in use by any
>> process (the FB server) and then do the renaming. But, although this
>> works for all 5 systems that I have and use for testing, I have one user
>> on whose system, the DB file even after stopping the FB service, shows
>> the DB file is still in use, which stops the restore since I am trying
>> to avoid writing over it.
>> At this point, I really do not know a way around this.
>> Does anyone have a suggestion on how to restore and change file names
>> without running into "file is in use by another process" type error.
> It sounds as though that problem site is running Classic + Guardian, to cause this problem. Are you able to check? Guardian should *NOT* be allowed to run on a Classic installation.
> Helen
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