Subject RE: [IBO] IBO 5.2.0 Build 1 has been released (RawSource only)
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I will do a final 4.9.14 Build 54 and make it available in about a week.
If someone wants a raw source build sooner than that you can request it

For those who want the installer, I have to get my new motherboard for my
machine I do IBO 4.9 installer builds on. It died and so I have been unable
to do a build for the past little while.


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can you publish the latest IBO 4 source package again?

> I have made the decision to go ahead and release the new IBO 5 sources
even though I have not yet finished the installer.
> I have written some new HowToInstall instructions for dealing with the
full source.
> It's actually not too difficult to build and install components from the
raw sources.
> Please see the release notes.
> Note: I put this new release in all download areas.
> For those who have an account at my community site, please login here:
> Thanks,
> Jason Wharton




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