Subject Re: [IBO] Multiple MasterLinks fields
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>I need to link 4 fields from one table to one field in another table.
>Untill today, I used only one field, like this: oci.pedido1_id=o.registro_id
>Is it possible to add something like this in MasterLinks property?

Hi Andrei!

You made me wonder if MasterLinks like:

coalesce(oci.pedido1_id, oci.pedido2_id, oci.pedido3_id, oci.pedido4_id)=o.registro_id

could work, and when I got a chance to try it today, then - to my surprise - it seemed to work OK. Though I only tried displaying things in a master and a child TIB_Grid, I've no idea if there's any gotchas by doing this or not (and of course, a prerequisite is that only one of your four fields contain a value).