Subject Re: Installation
Author masonwheeler
--- In, Robert Martin <rob@...> wrote:
> Hi
> I am trying to setup IBO (with D2007) on a new computer. I am having a
> lot of problems, I can install it manually but wehn compiling our
> project I get the following message
> '[DCC Error] wsTable.pas(30): F2051 Unit IBODataset was compiled with a
> different version of IB_Components.TIB_BDataset'

Your problem's not with component installation. Delphi error messages are usually pretty good, but the "compiled with a different version of" one is definitely the exception to the rule.

Here's what it really means:

"Unit IBODataset has a dependency on IB_Components.TIB_BDataset. We have IB_Components.dcu available, but analysis shows that it's invalid and needs to be recompiled. Unfortunately, IB_Components.pas can't be located, so compilation can't continue."

It's basically a special case of a "file not found" error. (And if you delete your DCUs, that's exactly what you'll get.) Add the folder that IB_Components.pas is in to your search path, and the error should go away.