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IBO will first look explicitly in your EXE's folder to see if there is a
fbclient.dll. If one is there it will immediately load it and use it. If one
is not there then it will make a general request without a path qualifier
and then pickup whatever is out there in the system path. It is also
possible to put code in your application to look in, for example, an INI
file and assign an explicit path that the client library is found.


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Maybe not an appropriate IBO question but here goes...

We are looking to upgrade our users from FB 2.0 to FB 2.5.2. Previously
we have relied on the FBClient.dll being in the system directory.Â
However I read that this is not the best option.

Helens FB install guide says....
//'Furthermore, as we want to allow multiple engines to run
simultaneously we would be creating our own DLL hell if we continued to
encourage the practice of using the system directory for the client
library. /

/So, from Firebird 1.5 on, the client library for local use on the
server has resided in the \bin directory along with all the other
binaries. For those whose local server applications still need to find
the client library in the system directory, the installer provides the
option (unchecked) to copy the client to the system directory and also
to rename it to ///gds32.dll///, if need be.'/

I cant see how IBO would know which \bin directory to use to access the
FBClient. So should we be installing FBClient.dll to our applications
installed directory or is there something I am missing?

We have a heap of FB client PCs that need to be upgraded, is it ok for
our software to just copy the FBClient.dll in or do we need to do other
files (.msg file?).



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