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Yes, I understand.

Try being the person who has not seen the problem at all and has just a
brief description of it and to build a sample application. <g>

I have spent many hours at times trying to duplicate issues people report
only to later find that there was some unusual aspect in their app they did
not disclose or that they simply were not aware of.

I try to do all that I can off of brief problem descriptions but there are
times when I just know intuitively that I will need a sample app.

In my IBO 5 development work I am in the process of introducing a testing
framework that should make it very easy to put together very simple sample
apps to duplicate issues. And, even if you send me a sample app, the first
thing I do is port it over to my regression testing framework so that the
bug you report will be permanently safeguarded against regression. My hope
is to make it easy for people to put them there right from the get go.

If you would like to look into this I'd be happy to work with you privately
on this.


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Hi Jason,

> Will you please see if you can get this problem in an isolated sample app
> for me to take a look at? I always like to solve mysteries like this in
> Jason

sample projects are always somewhat time intensive, so it might take a
while, but I will try to do it.


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