Subject Re: IBO Version 4.9 Release 14 [Build 12] and Delphi2010
Author bamberger_monjaude
--- In, "Support List" <supportlist@...> wrote:
> > I was getting that error in one of your applications, ib_sql. If you set
> > the property FieldEntryTypes to [fetSQLType] and than connect to a
> > Database (in my case it's a FireBird 2.1.3 CharSet 'ISO8859_1').
> > The access violation occurs, when I click on the browse button on the
> > utilitybar.
> I have tried to reproduce this problem in Delphi 2010 by following your
> instructions and either I am not doing the same as what you did or some of
> the other things I have addressed inadvertently addressed this problem.
> Would you please get the latest version of IBO (Build 27 or higher) and test
> it to see if you can reproduce the problem still?
> Thanks,
> Jason

Hello Jason,

i finally have updated to DelphiXE3 and IBO4_9_14_b53.
I still get the acces violation when i set the property FieldEntryTypes to [fetDomainName,fetSQLType] in the ib_connection component.
The error occurs in the file ib_components in the following function:

function TIB_Column.GetSQLType: smallint;
Result := FPXSQLVAR.SQLtype;

Note: i also cannot reproduce the error in the project ib_sql any more, but in this project my ColumnAttributs wich i set for my boolean domain is ignored.
But if i make a new application, drop a ib_connection, ib_query, ib_datasource, ib_grid, some ib-bars and then put it all together that it works. As long as i don't set the named properties everything works fine (accept from the correct displayform from some columns).
i still have the same database.