Subject RE: [IBO] Domain default not being applied in IBOquery, Append, in IBO 5 beta
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There have been some changes in things that will have an influence on server
defined default values. Those values are only applied if the column is not
included in the insert SQL statement. I changed the default behaviour of the
statements that are generated for you automatically. PreparedInserts will
render better overall performance, but it will require all columns be a part
of the prepared INSERT statement, which negates the possibility of the
server defined defaults from being applied.

I suggest you not make server defined defaults something to rely upon for
client interfaces where you are not 100% in control of the INSERT statement.

You can also have IBO put the server defined defaults in the SchemaCache and
they will get applied on the client when the record is taken into insert
mode, which obviously will have it included when the value is posted to the


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Subject: [IBO] Domain default not being applied in IBOquery, Append, in IBO
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Recently upgraded an older app to XE2 and IBO 5.0 beta.

Today started noticing that a particular field that has a default of "S"
(Ses_Status and the DOM_SESSTAT) has been showing up regularly, but not
all the time with a NULL setting, not the initial "S" that it should.

This is on IBOQuery. I Append a new record then POST. The transaction is
AutoCommit, true.

Since our Firebird database has not changed, the only difference is the
use of IBO 5 beta.

Something going on? or am I missing something about Domain default settings?

Thank you,

Chuck Belanger


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