Subject RE: [IBO] Alias issue - IBO 4.9.14
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More information is needed to see what is going one.
What is the DDL of the table and what is the actual Query SQL?


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Subject: [IBO] Alias issue - IBO 4.9.14


I'm having an issue with alias when using IBO 4.9.14 Build 53 on Delphi 6
with Firebird

When i try to use " FieldByName('Client').AsString " in a IBOQuery with the
SQL 'Select CLIENT_NAME as "Client" From Clients', i get the error " Field
'Client' doesn't exist. ". If i try the alias with double quotes (
FieldByName('"Client"') ) it works just fine.

Until updating IBO from 4.9.10 to 4.9.14 the alias didn't have double

Anyone had the same problem?

Leo Euclides


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