Subject Re: "Firebird/interbase client dll is not installed" error
Author staniwalker
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> This error we get on about 4 of 45 computers (WinXP and Win7). We have Interbase XE (upd 4) installed on a Win2008 R2 server. The client software (gds32.dll) is installed in the same directory as our application program, also on that server. The client computers are mapped to the server so that they all run the same application and same gds32.dll.
> The computers that get this error are all XP. Most XP computers work, only a few don't. A process monitor utility program shows that the failing computers have found gds32.dll on the server like they are supposed to. I'm running XP, and have no problems. We just did a clean WinXP install on a computer with all the updates and it still gets the error (it also had the error before the clean install). The failing computers were working with Interbase 7.5 and the client version for that interbase installed locally, but after we converted to IB XE with the client on the server, the failures happened. It seems to be some hardware issue related to the new client that IBObjects doesn't like. Even with the client file local, the error still happens.
> We are using IBO 4.8.7 with Delphi 2007. The actual error is apparently in the ib_session.pas file in the HandleException procedure:
> if not Assigned( isc_interprete ) then
> raise EIB_Error.Create( E_IB_Client_Not_Installed );
> What is causing this error? What doesn't IBObjects like? Why is it only happening on a few computers?
> Thanks for any help,
> Stan Walker

Can't you give me any idea what to look for? What condition is triggering this error to happen on a few computers?