Subject RE: [IBO] TIBOQuery + TClientDataSet = EDatabaseError
Author Support List
> I need to use a TClientDataSet + TDataSetProvider. I tie the
> TDataSetProvider with a TIBOQuery.
> It works fine, but when I do not use the primary key in the SELECT clause,
> a EDatabaseError is raised by TIBOQuery.
> This problem is widely managed in
> and other posts, but until know, I have not found the solution.
> In some case, I do not need/want to add the primary key value in the SQL.
> For example:
> SELECT SUM(Amount) AS Total FROM Orders
> other case that fails:
> SELECT ID AS OrderID, Name FROM Orders
> I have tried to use KeyLinks but it continues failing. It seems that IBO
> calculates the primary key and then it tries to use it, but since it is
> not in the SELECT clause, a Field Not Found error is raised.
> Any help will be welcome. Thank you

Will you save me some time and put together a simple sample app
demonstrating the problem?

Jason LeRoy Wharton