Subject RE: [IBO] TIB_Query doesn't delete with calculated fields
Author Support List
> I have a problem with TIB_Query and calculated fields, if I inserted any
> calculated field in the calculatedfields property, when I use
> TIB_Query.delete method the following error message is showing.
> invalid bookmark string in SetRowData()
> Then, I don't get delete the record, could anyone help me please? Is a bug
> of IBO ?
> Details:
> Windows XP PRO 32
> Delphi 7 Enterprise
> IBO 4.9.14 16
> Firebird 2.1.4

This is likely a bug. Would you please send me a small sample app
demonstrating the problem in case it is something I wouldn't be able to
duplicate on my own?

Jason LeRoy Wharton