Subject RE: [IBO] Problem in BindingCursor: Check Keylinks property Problem Ver 4.9.11
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:08 PM 9/09/2011, you wrote:
>> First of all, EXECUTE BLOCK is not a valid DSQL command.
>> It's a clause that you can use in a SELECT statement to
>> get a value for output to a dataset.
>Huh, to me this statement seems to contradict There it states:
>Available in: DSQL
>Description: Executes a block of PSQL code as if it were a stored procedure, optionally with input and output parameters and variable declarations. This allows the user to perform "on-the-fly" PSQL within a DSQL context."
>So, trusting both Helen and the reference guide, my only conclusion is that I'm puzzled...

It's an expression syntax and it's only available in DSQL.
Valid DML statements begin with SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE or EXECUTE PROCEDURE. There are no others.