Subject RE: [IBO] Isolating a transaction with a TIBODatabase
Author Support List

> IBO 4.9.9
> I run SQL statements with TIB_Cursor & TIB_DSQL objects that I create and
> free on the fly. They use the TIBODatabase for their connection and the
> default transaction associated with the TIBODatabase. When I run the SQL,
> the changes are visible to other TIBODatabase objects.
> I checked the DefaultTransaction settings and set AutoCommit to false, but
> this did not fix it.
> How can I keep the transactions from committing until I explicitly tell it
> to?

You take control of the transaction by calling StartTransaction and then
subsequently calling Commit, CommitRetaining, Rollback or RollbackRetaining.
You can also call Savepoint to make the changes committed and visible
without affecting the state of other datasets, etc.