Subject [IBO] Re: Generator not incrementing
Author Ed Dressel
> Actually Ed ... is the database set to 'Forced Write = on' ?
> You WOULD get this problem if windows did not write the
> information to the disk!

Didn't see that. I tried that in the demo I posted setting the 'ForceWrites' to 'dpbTrue' on the TIBODatabase connection object. It did not fix the problem.

Jason? Helen? I (**really**) need a solution.

> I used to have a problem with
> data going missing on one site. It would work perfectly
> during the day, but next day all the data was missing.
> Eventually we hard wired the mains supply! The cleaner
> would just pull out the nearest plug to the corner
> without reading the 'Do Not Switch Off' label ... because
> it was easier than using the socket she was supposed to
> be using :) This was supposed to be writing to disk,
> but until the application was closed properly nothing
> was hitting the disk. Not seen THAT particular problem
> for over ten years though :(

They were cleaning floors and cleaning data :-o

Ed Dressel