Subject Re: Trouble with Insert Into
Author squidsrus85
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> I wonder what you were trying...I manage all the lists and I haven't seen any sign of your trying to sign up for any other lists.

No one posted any links but there were several mentions of the mailing list which I hate. Not surprising you didn't see me trying to join.

> Have you visited the Firebird website at all?

Haa haaa, that's pretty funny Helen, it was the Firebird website that indicated I should use double-quotes!

What I was "trying" was trial and error approaches to getting FB to work when I (unknowingly) was using faulty syntax and getting useless error messages. I was checking with w3shcools site and adjusting my syntax to see if I could figure our what I was doing wrong.

How much can I learn about the incorrect quotes with an error message like

Column unknown

I have just been trialing SQLite3 - now that is what I am talking about with useful error messages. It accepts double or single quotes, so to test I used a comma.

insert into accounts (acc-name) values(,hello,)

SQLite3 gave me...
Query Error: near ",": syntax error Unable to execute statement

Now that says it all.

Anyway, all moot, SQLite3 seems to be a better option.

I really appreciate the help I got from you and others here as you have all helped me over that "new" SQL-hurdle and I am comfortable using SQL and developing greater understanding and expertise with it.

As I have said earlier, this was my fifth try at getting a grip of SQL and you guys have been totally instrumental in achieving that. I was let down by Firebird, not the great support system.

Thanks to all.