Subject Re: [IBO] Component structures
Author Lester Caine
tvdien@... wrote:
> This is certainly helpful info. Unfortunately, I can't reach the website. The demos I got with IBO4, I find hard to follow - after the first two, the setups get much more complicated.
Website is up at the moment.
The problem of the windows help files in windows on W7 SHOULD give you a link to
downloading the reader for them. Can't see why that is not included or more
important why the 'new' help system does not simply translate them. But heck
that is M$ ...

> I was hoping to get some advice on how to best organize/configure the TIBO components, since for now I'll have to use those. Some throw in a ClientDataSet, some don't. RequestLive, AutoCommit, CachedUpdates, it's not very clear to me what to use and what rather not to use.
I was probably at this point 10+ years ago, and trying to convert some older
programs over to work with Interbase at that time. I actually gave up on IBO a
couple of times, but it kept popping up as the right way to do things!

Personally I ended up starting from scratch using 'IBO' as I found the TDataset
method of working was just not compatible with moving the applications forward.
The Migration Guide will give you a working single user database, but the
multi-user/client/server elements are probably what is causing confusion?
BDE/Paradox never did run well as multi-user, which is probably why you are
finding it slow. Not sure if that isn't still the case now ;)

I would start by porting the data over to a nice clean Firebird database, and
then seeing what you can do with that. A lot of the functionality which you have
in the program may well be better provided IN the database with triggers and
with a tidy up of the structure. This will speed things up and simplify what the
programs have to do. I've since moved onwards, and the same database is now
managed mainly via PHP web clients, but the IBO programs still run the
connections to the legacy hardware.

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