Subject SV: [IBO] Migrating to Firebird - how about Unicode?
Author Jacob Havkrog
Hi Jason, you write

> My thinking is that it's better to migrate away from Paradox to Firebird
> >before< migrating to Delphi XE and Unicode.

If you intend for your application to remain unchanged with the exception of
moving over to better underlying technology then just go for the whole jump
and focus on using scripted mechanisms so that you can migrate things in an
automated way, do a bunch of testing, etc. When you find problems, modify
your scripts to convert things over and then keep at it until it is

Do you hereby mean, that I should jump from BDE/Paradox/Delphi2007 to IBO/Firebird/DelphiXE in one big jump? Are your following replies based on this?



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