Subject RE: [IBO] Re: SearchingLinks Sample
Author Support List
> Hi, I have the same problem.
> have you, solve it?
> Thanks!
> --- In, "Terry Black" <tblac@...> wrote:
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> > Hi I am using this example in an application Delphi7, Firebird database.
> > After searching for the Surname I would then like to sort the results
> based on First name, however, if I click on the header to sort on first
> name it sorts the entire table on first name and ignores that I have
> already searched on Surname.
> > I want to use the Searchinglinks example search on surname but then sort
> on First name.
> >
> > Terry
> >

I think the SearchingLinks feature is not quite sophisticated enough to
handle all of these things. The closest you could come to it is to use a

Probably what would do what you are looking for is to make your own edit
component that filters the records for you while your select statement is
ordered by first name.