Subject RE: [IBO] Positioning a data set
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> I have a TIBODataset open in a grid. I provide a way for the user to
> search any of the fields of the dataset for a particular value. This
> currently is done by going to the First element of the dataset, then doing
> Next until I see the value requested. This has worked well but now some
> of the datasets are long enough so that it takes a minute or so to do
> this.
> The dataset might just be a TIBOTable or it might be a fairly complex
> TIBOQuery. Can anyone think of a way to use Firebird to find the row I
> seek in such a way that I can then find it in the original dataset without
> having to do a linear search.

Were you able to find a satisfactory answer to your question?

Are you familiar with how bookmarks work with IBO?