Subject RE: [IBO] Updating master detail tables - 2nd post
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>Hi, I am trying to add a new record to a master detail set of tables. I am using Delphi7 and Firebird.
>I get an error 'EIB_ConnectionError - Cannot change while connected'
>Helen's comment was ' Check for somewhere in your code that is trying to assign to the Username or Password
>property of your ib_connection under inappropriate conditions.' I am not sure what she means by this.

I think she meant that she thinks you're doing something like:


and you cannot change username or password when you're already connected. Actually, I don't think it has to be username or password that is changing, I think it can also be that you try to change the name of the database, maybe even the name of a database belonging to a started transaction (at least I doubt it is possible to close a connection whilst its transaction is running).

You have to find the exact place in your code that causes the error, this kind of showstoppers luckily tend to be relatively easy to locate (and easy to understand why gives this error once you find the exact line).