Subject Re: [IBO] Been dragged kicking ....
Author Lester Caine
Support List wrote:
> That's great! Thanks for keeping us posted.

I thunk I am going to need some help with this newer IDE. Eclipse is a hell of a
lot easier to work, having used it daily for all of my development work for
proabaly 10 years now. XE has all the usual complaints of 'subtle little
changes' over Builder6 which just add to the irritation. Took me a while to get
my head around the 'Base' option settings and I've probably not now got a _CXE
configuration that is compatible with yours Jason ... WHERE should I put the
IBO4 code? All of my code is in 'c:/Projects6' still :)

I'm back to the point where I simply want to add a connection to a brand new
project and it is giving me an error when I try and open the connection editor -
"Error reading sp.EditingColor: Invalid property value", now I need to find
that, but none of the searches I have tried are even finding 'EditingColor' so I
presume that is in the runtime libraries somewhere? AH - I need to sort out the
location stuff as it's not NOW finding IBO4 source ... Actually the whole
annoying window7 structure of burying things under different 'Program File'
folders is more of a pain, and some of the XE compiled stuff is now being
created in 'c:/users/public' as well - AND I needed to switch on the
'administrator' flag in the program start-up simply to allow it to build the
library files. THAT does not seem right? But is probably W7 crap? Getting my
head around the differences THERE is adding to the irritation and time wasting :(

I have a Session, SessionProps and Connection ... SessionProps has EditingColor,
with what looks like valid colours ( don't you just love English :) ) but where
I had a list of colours to select from in BCB6, all I am getting here is raw
numbers? And what ever I put in all I get is the error message when trying to
open the editor. ACTUALLY I wonder if THAT was the crash I was getting
originally with Builder6?

Help ....

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