Subject RE: [IBO] Updating Date field in loop
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>Hi, when I loop through a table I am updating the dates that are empty. I notice that every second date
>that I change goes to 17/11/1858 clearly I am doing something wrong here.
>Has anyone an idea whats happening.

I think 17.11.1858 is the date Firebird uses when storing 0 in a date field. Not sure whether this is of any help to you or not, but check that you do not skip assigning to some records or try to assign an empty date (NULL) to them (you can assign NULL e.g. by calling TIB_Query1.FieldByName('WhateverMyFieldIsCalled').Clear;, I'm uncertain what happens if you try TIB_Query1.FieldByName('WhateverMyFieldIsCalled').AsDateTime:=NIL; or similar or if you use a TIBOTable/TIBOQuery).