Subject Re: [IBO] Huge performance differential
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Afair, to be able to benefit from all the super-hyper-cool features of
DevExpress grid, the grid itself needs to fetch all records from the
dataset. It becomes a problem when you have datasets with thousands of

I'm not sure if the "solution" you proposed will work 100% in all
cases. Some of the grid features "needs to know" the content of all
the returned records to be able to work correctly.

IMHO, DevExpress grid should be used only when you know the resultset
will not be big.

Carlos H. Cantu - -

j> Jason, et al,

j> I finally found the REAL culprit for my performance hit ... it was
j> the DevEx grid itself. The IBOQuery(ies) were running quite
j> acceptably when NOT hooked up to the grid. Also found the solution
j> -- one I should have already known, having faced it before. Thought
j> I should pass it on, for others who perchance encounter a similar problem.

j> First, the grid's
j> TcxGridDBTableView.DataController.DataModeController.GridMode is set to True, at design-time.
j> Then, in the code, just after the grid's driving query is opened,
j> set
j> TcxGridDBTableView.DataController.DataModeController.GridModeBufferCount
j> = query.RecordCount. (This assures that the scrollbars will work
j> properly, scrolling directly to the bottom rather than in fits &
j> starts). With this done, 29k-plus records now display in 2 -3 seconds.

j> Thanks, everybody, for the useful pointers and hints.

j> Lane Campbell
j> NW Software

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