Subject Re: SV: [IBO] Refrasing my question about TIBOTable (prettyprinted)
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> Hi - you are right, the generator AddressNo_ADDRESS_GEN is called twice, once because of the GeneratorLinks, and once by the trigger AddressNo_ADDRESS_TRIG.
> Now I'm wondering, is the alternative trigger below the right way to do it? Is this the way create a new record in a table and knowing the value of the automatically generator primary key?

I see the following ways for the client application to "know" a primary
key value feed by a generator:

- Call TIB_Connection.GEN_ID(<generator_name>, 1) and use that

- Get the next generator value at client side via a mechanism like the
GeneratorLinks property (which will call GEN_ID anyway *g*) and make
sure that the primary key value doesn't get incremented in a BEFORE
INSERT trigger twice

- Use the RETURNING keyword of an INSERT INTO statement to transfer a
server-side generated value to the client. Can't recall if IBO exposes
this via property or similar.

With regards,

Thomas Steinmaurer
Upscene Productions

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